Greenwood Feed, Seed, & Hdwr.
Greenwood Feed, Seed, & Hdwr.

Cattle Feeds

Greenwood Feed offers a wide range of cattle feeds ranging from creep feed to show feeds:


Lonestar 20% NP Cubes

Hay Stretcher Cubes

Creep Feed

Range Meal

Show Calf Developer

Bull & Heifer Developer


We also offer ton discounts and farm deliveries with a minimum 5 ton purchase plus bulk deliveries.


Crystalyx is a low moisture block supplement. Crystalyx offers a wide range of formulas from forage quality to fly control and everything in between.Greenwood Feed is proud to offer the follwoing Crystalyx Cattle Products:


BGF 30 (30% protein tub)

Rolyx Pro (20% fly tub that contains Rabon Oral Larvicide)



Greenwood Feed is an authorizied Northwest Louisiana dealer for VitaFerm products. Vitaferm is a well known company for their success in the show animal business. Here is a list of the following products Greenwood Feed offers from VitaFerm:


Sure Champ Pellets

VitaFerm Concept Aid 

VitaFerm Goat Mineral

VitaFerm Beefmaker

Greenwood Feed, Seed

 & Hdwr.
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